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Everything You Need To Know About Arizona Renaissance Festival 2018

Arizona Renaissance Festival is fair, which takes place in Renaissance themed amusement park in Gold Canyon, Arizona. The mild and pleasant environment of the area makes it highly suitable for the festival that is held every year from late winter to mid-spring. The concept of the festival has seen numerous changes since last three decade. […]

Heatwave And The Strange Consequences Of Extreme Heat

The reasons for heat waves may be up for debate, but the fact that rising temperature is having a huge impact on our lives and the economy is a fact. It was 105 degree Fahrenheit in Denver, 106 in Atlanta and Arizona? It was 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer has just begun, and an extreme heat […]

Mystery Bug Bite That Left Arizona Man In Bruises Gets Doctors Baffled

Researches in the field of medicine has benefitted human beings immensely. Medical science provide remedies, cures and treatments against various diseases. The age-old adage “Health is wealth” is true. Different countries and different places follow different types of medical systems. Irrespective of the type of treatment, what matters is how effective the cure is. Though […]

Saloon Shooting In The Old West Town Of Tombstone Says Arizona Authorities

Tombstone is a historic city in the Cochise County of the Arizona state in the U.S. Known for its Wild West history, Tombstone was once the last wide-open frontier town in the American west. Tombstone is also known as the creepiest ghost town of the west. Though Arizona may be small, it has a lot […]

Blaine Long Arizona Songwriter Speaks On Surviving ‘The Voice’ And Releasing New Music

Blaine Long Arizona singer talks about surviving The Voice and releasing new music Blaine Long, a former contestant on the Voice, recalled what it was like being on the show. His run on the show did not go quite as well as he had planned but he did not let that bring him down. He […]

Arizona Diamondbacks’ JD Martinez States His Wish To Come Back

Arizona Diamondbacks’ JD Martinez is definitely interested in coming back to the team. Martinez was extremely frank about his wishes in an interview with azcentral Sports. He opened up about his wish to come back to the Diamondbacks and said that he was not at all interested in the money aspect of the game. His […]

Places In Arizona And Their Unusual Names

Some of the names of places and towns in the Copper state are so ridiculously weird that makes you really question what went on in the minds of the name givers. Here are some of the most unusual names in the state of Arizona. WHY You will rarely find a place whose name and people’s […]

The Arizona State Fair Hosted The Good, The Bad And The Tasty Food

The Arizona State Fair is an annual affair held at the State Fairgrounds every year and, much to the glee of the locals and outside visitors, it offers the right number of food stalls stuffed with some of Arizona’s favourite guilty pleasures. Even with all the amusement rides and sales stalls around, the sweets and […]