"Simply Not True," states Border Patrol Council

"Simply Not True," states Border Patrol Council

TUCSON - The National Border Patrol Council, said in a press statement today that recent comments made by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano concerning border safety, "Are wrong and give citizens a false sense of security." regarding Napolitano's statement made during a visit of Arizona border towns this week, when she stated that the idea that violence is spilling into U.S. border cities is "wrong" and that, "the border is better now than it ever has been."

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Today's statement made by Shawn P. Moran, Vice President of the NBPC; the labor union that represents more than 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff, spoke of the increasing violence that has occurred along the border in recent years showing that crime is, "Indeed spilling over from Mexico."

"It is time for the political games to stop for fear of insulting the government of Mexico." said Moran. "U.S. citizens are being kidnapped and killed while our Border Patrol agents fight a war at home that no one will allow them to win. Not one more Border Patrol agent should fall or citizen be victimized because our government fails to act. Mexico is hemorrhaging violence and we are being hit with the splatter."

We spoke with Moran earlier today, "Were amazed," he stated to AzReporter.com, referring to the lack of acknowledgement by the Obama Administration of the increasing crime wave affecting the southwestern border states. "The U.S.-Mexico border is unsafe and to say anything else is not true."

1,200 National Guard troops stationed along the border are scheduled to be dismissed from duty stations in June after being deployed by President Obama in 2010. "Were babysitting National Guard troops with no net gain," Moran told the Arizona Reporter (AZReporter.com). "National Guard troops are in a support role only and what we need is a greater enforcement role."

National Guard troops are anticipated to be replaced by 1,000 newly hired Border Patrol Agents. When asked of budgets to allow such direct increases in staffing, Mr. Moran commented, "This comes from existing budgets which we don't have. The executive branch is constantly cutting the budgets and salaries of experienced agents and reallocating those budgets to other authorities."

Moran concluded, "Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry would not have been brutally murdered by heavily armed Mexican criminals operating over 13 miles inside the United States. In some countries that is construed as an act of war, but here we get words not deeds when Napolitano terms events like this as evidence, "there is much to do with our colleagues in Mexico in respect to the drug cartels."

Texas State Sen. Tommy Williams (R) at a news conference on Thursday announced the formation of a bipartisan state delegation scheduled to meet with the executive branch over border security in Washington and to further discuss a cost analysis of immigration enforcement needs, as reported by CBS correspondent Stephanie Condon earlier this week.

Presence of U.S. troops along the Southwestern U.S. Border seemingly remain a national subject of speculation, as a continued effort to quell violence and the flow of drugs, guns and money alongside illegal immigration, conflict with legitimate trade between the U.S. and Mexico.

Arizona Senator John McCain (R) said in a statement reported by the Arizona Daily Star on Thursday that, "The administration was making a mistake by withdrawing the National Guard."

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