US News - 27/01

Morning Coffee with President Obama

Okay so coffee today went something like this...

Sorry to say but I told you so? Mr. President you actually campaigned against this multiple times? Yes you did, ahhh search Youtube go watch those videos for yourself, I believe there are even some with your favorite background genre playing auld lang sine. I believe you actually stated, "A spending freeze is like using an axe, what we need to use is a scalpel so we can help the people who need help and cut more from people like Senator McCain and myself who don't need it."

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Okay sir, I'll give you that, your correct, YOU don't need it. Where your wrong is clear. "Help people who need it, hm-mm. yea, your helping the power companies, the insurance companies the tobacco murderers, I mean manufacturers sir? Should I continue? Hello? Healthcare?

Helping line the pockets of those who already have enough? Spend now... save later? Who got paid off for this election or did American people actually believe things could change? No matter who is President there are always accusations and I cannot pretend to even comprehend the matters of state getting accomplished when too much time and money is spent on figuring out how to steal more of it.

Is it odd or is it odd that you suggests a spending freeze after realizing how much the Haiti assistance is costing? Not that it's wrong for us to spend that money on an absolutely tragic occurrence of biblical proportions, not at all! Sir, I understand your just realizing there is no money left to pay for it huh? Or maybe that you've lost the farm and rebuilding Haiti is the last multi-trillion dollar question?

Today's Coffee: "Mr. President you know I kind of felt the same way after spending all that time driving to the grocery store, shopping for 30 minutes, I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy (the man, he looked pretty ill), right behind those two fat ladies and some Clinton fellow, when upon swiping my card and seeing that awful word, DECLINED.

Yes sir, I know exactly how you feel having to go back home and tell the kids there's no dinner tonight.

More coffee to come.

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