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TV Pilot: Montel Williams "Junior" Show

AZR - "Montel Williams Junior Show" "the Struggle" the young,talented son of the "Talk Show Legend" stars in his own pilot based on his real life struggle between his Black side (Williams) and his Italian side (Junior) and his never ending battle in his own Conscience.

Junior told the Arizona Reporter (AZR), "I feel great about the birth of the Montel Williams Junior Show, I think it will be a hit, because it is funny and has a meaning at the same time. The pilot of the show is called THE STRUGGLE and it deals with a lot of racial issues."

"These issues range anywhere from being bi-racial, how it feels as if you are forced in to a race and their culture. The choices and stereo-types that come with the racial profiling. I grow my hair long, and people look at me as if I was a different person instead of having a Mohawk. I try to have the people see what some children might go through just figuring out how to fit in."

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Montel Williams JuniorMontel Williams, Jr. is a typical 15 year old teen who lives in Greenwich, CT and is the son of Grace Morley, (Ragin Grace Productions) and talk show host Montel Williams. Junior enjoys wrestling and of course sibling rivalry with his real life sister and co-star Wyntergrace.

When asked by (AZR) how this show may shape his life within the entertainment industry Montel further told AZR, "Regardless if this show will be a hit I am having fun working, since I get to hang out with people who have great senses of humor and we are constantly joking around. It is a fun experience working with my co-stars and of course my family."

Montel Williams Junior
"I don't think this show will change my life at all. I am certain of my persona and money or fame won't affect how I am, different from the other teen stars. I am not jaded by money or fame, I enjoy the people around me and I enjoy everything we do. No matter what happens I will always be the same person at the end of the day."

Check out the Pilot Episode, "The Struggle" at Montel's website:

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