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Volunteers Sought For Native Plant Restoration Project

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Volunteers are needed for a one-day Native Plant Restoration project at the Camp Creek recreation residence area on Saturday, May 5, 8 am - 2 pm. The residences are located about 12 miles northeast of Cave Creek.

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Volunteers Sought For Native Plant Restoration Project

Volunteers will meet at the Cave Creek Ranger Station at 8:00 am and drive approximately 5 miles up the road to Camp Creek. Pick mattocks and gloves will be provided. "Please wear comfortable clothes, sturdy shoes that can get wet, and bring snacks, sunscreen, and water," emphasized event organizers.

Cave Creek Ranger District, Tonto National Forest

"After the Cave Creek Complex Fire of 2005, much of the watershed around the recreation residences of Camp Creek was burned. Summer rains that followed carried away topsoil and flooded some of the homes. These homes on national forest lands are under permit to the Tonto National Forest. Regulations govern what residents are allowed to construct and plant and surveys after the fire identified several invasive plants that the homeowners have been working to remove," stated Patti Fenner, Noxious Weed Program Manager.

Shortly after the fire, the forest entered into an agreement with the Tucson Plant Materials Center (TPMC). Tonto National Forest employees and contractors gathered seed from twenty different native plants in the Camp Creek area and provided the seed to TPMC for germination.

Half the plant seedlings were provided to the forest for the first native plant re-vegetation project in January. The remaining seedlings, in 1-quart sized milk containers, will be ready for planting on May 5.

These native plants include penstemon, clematis, slimleaf bean, janusia, four o'clocks, and tufted evening primrose.

All volunteers must register at For more information, call Patti Fenner at 602-225-5386 or the Cave Creek Ranger District at 480-595-3300.

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